'Neither party has represented how I feel'

Kathy Boccella reports:

8:26 a.m.

Less than 100 feet from the polling place at Drexel Hill Baptist Church, Johnna Healey, 32, still couldn't decide who to vote for.

"Honestly, neither party has represented how I feel," said the realtor and mother of three children, who accompanied her and her husband, Bob, to the polls.

A registered independent, Healey said she may not for either candidate.

"I'm not happy with the candidates," she said. "And if I'm not happy, I shouldn't choose either one."

She does plan to vote for Joe Sestak, someone she has met and likes. "I have to like the person, not the party," she said.

Her husband, a longtime McCain supporter, said he understood her reluctance to vote for either Obama or McCain. 

He didn't pull a lever for Kerry or Bush in 2004.

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