'Terrorist' McCain Robo-Call in Delco, elsewhere

Residents in Delaware County are reporting receiving robo calls at home that accuse Democrat Barack Obama of "working closely" with "domestic terrorist" Bill Ayers, "whose organization bombed the Capitol, judges homes, and killed Americans." The message goes on to say that Obama's relationship with Ayers, now a professor of education with whom the senator served on a charitable board, proves that Obama does not have the judgment to be president.

The male voice reading the script identifies the call as paid for by the McCain-Palin campaign.

"It was very disturbing," said a Havertown woman who received the call, who did not want to give her name for fear of retaliation. "You listed to it and you get the impression that Obama himself is a terrorist," she said. "It should not be this way." The recipient described herself as a registered independent who supports Obama.

Other media outlets are reporting its a national effort:

"More remarkable than the message (coming after a presidential debate in which John McCain said he didn't care about a "washed up terrorist") is the reach of the campaign itself. The Huffington Post received dozens of emails from voters who had either received the call or gotten a voice mail with a recording. Reports came from Ohio, Colorado, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Missouri, North Carolina, Florida, Texas, West Virginia, Maine, New Hampshire, Indiana, Delaware, Illinois, Georgia and even Canada." That from the Huffington Post, an Obama leaning outlet. 

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