Michelle and the moms - updated

Updated! PA Primary Team reports: Our reporter (the Daily News' Stephanie Farr, taking a turn on the campaign trail) did observe Michelle Obama's roundtable discussion with the five moms at St. George's. And she found Ms. Obama talking up what always gets discussed when moms get together: The challenges of juggling work, raising kids and the rest of their lives -- plus the cost of top-quality preschool.

The group spent a little time on the idea that women today tend to do a lot -- but feel like failures anyway, because they can't do it all well.

And, of course, they talked about Mr. Obama. She said his energy was important for the country. "That energy isn't just fluff," Michelle Obama told the group of five moms. "It's so necessary because that's the piece that's been missing" for the campaign and the country.

Demographically speaking, these moms were in their 30s (ish), all white and all upper or middle class. (St. George's sits in a lovely neighborhood not far from the Merion Golf Club, home of the 2013 U.S. Open.)

Stephanie also attended this afternoon's rally at Villanova, where Ms. Obama revved up the crowd: "Pennsylvania people, it starts soon!"Obama told a packed Nevin fieldhouse on Villanova’s campus in Radnor, Delaware County.

Obama "moved frat boys to hoot-holler and elderly women to fist-pump," Stephanie reported -- and Obama did not shy way from sarcasm, Stephanie reports:

"Commenting on the way the current administration presents the Iraq war to the public, Obama mocked: 'Don’t worry your pretty little heads over this war ... y’all just keep shopping.' "