Letterman's take on the Pennsylvania primary

Peter Mucha reports:

Right from his initial crack, David Letterman invoked the Pennsylvania primary. Before the welcoming applause had died, he said, “That was good but not the landslide I was hoping for.” Clearly a reference to Hillary Clinton's political predicament today.

What followed was more Letterman whimsy than satirical insight. Every line drew laughter, if not applause.

“Are you folks still excited about the presidential race? Oh my god, it’s crazy! Do you love it? And the good thing is the election is still three years away!"

“Today, Hillary Clinton got the support of the wives of the polygamy sect cult."

"Hillary is trying to appeal to the working class, so today she was campaigning in her blue-collar pantsuit."

"Do you like John McCain? John McCain looks like the kind of guy who doesn’t pick the phone up till the twelfth  ring, you know what I mean? He looks like the kind of guy who’s got a cupboard full of canned peaches. John McCain is the kind of guy who thinks the cleaning woman will love any crap he’s tossing out.”

(Huh? Don't mean to be dense, but are those "McCain sure is old" jokes? If you can explain, post a comment below.)

Not one Obama joke, but after discussing Pope (Letterman said the Yankees decided to retire the Roman numeral XVI), President Bush was the subject of a dig. Letterman said President Bush was on Deal or No Deal, because "Apparently, he didn't feel he was ready for Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?