Last night Downington, tonight Scranton, Pittsburgh, Philly...

Downingtown and Paoli got a shout-out yesterday from one Pennsylvania politician, and you can bet Scranton, at the minimum, will get mentioned tonight when Joe Biden takes the podium.
It was Sen. Bob Casey who got the convention crowd fired up last night with his fighting slogan: "Four more months." But I loved his geographical flourish: "from Pittsburgh to Paoli, from Johnstown to Downingtown."
One of the most annoying aspects of the coverage on cable news is how little of the convention you actually get to see. That’s because the anchors and analysts chatter over everything. It’s political logorrhea.
With rare exceptions, if you actually want to hear the speakers at the Democratic Covention you have to tune into C-Span. Or go to the news channels’ websites, all of which offer live streams from the podium.
The oddest TV moment yesterday came during MSNBC’s Hardball which was broadcasting from one of the many outdoor media altars set up near the Pepsi Center. Chris Matthews and his guests had to shout at each other because a man with a megaphone in the crowd behind them was loudly chanting, "9/11 was an inside job" over and over.