In Havertown first-time voters come out

Mari Schaefer reports:

10:30 a.m.

Erica Blindenbacher, an election judge in the Havertown 3-1, says she’s seen “a lot of first-time voters … and they’re all Democrats”

They have had about 130 voters, a little behind last year’s midterm elections.

Bill Pulver, the minority judge of elections said: “I’m surprised how busy it is, given the voter registration is 2-to-1 Republican, and the interest is in the Democrats.”

Rob Selig, 50, of Havertown, said: “It’s been tough to decide.” He voted for Obama because “he might be the only one to beat McCain.”

For Selig, who switched his allegiance to Democratic from Republican, it’s all about the war in Iraq, and he just wants to “end it”.