In Drexel Hill, a bastion of McCain supporters

Kathy Boccella reports:
1:24 p.m.
A steady stream of McCain supporters filed into St. Dorothy's Church in Drexel Hill at lunch time to cast ballots.
"You won't find too many Obama supporters here," said Jim Christiano, 83, who was voting with his wife Elsie, 82.
Obama was too liberal, he said. Though he used to be a democrat, Christiano said he switched parties after Kennedy.
Elsie Christiano said she was voting for McCain also.
"I have to do everything he does," she said with a laugh, pointing to her husband..
"After 63 years does she have a choice?" Jim Christiano quipped back, hugging his wife.
Jackie Egan, 43, and the youngest of 11 in a staunch GOP family, came to vote with her infant nephew Carson.
"I've been Republican all my life and I don't think Obama has what it takes to run the country," Egan said.
Nodding at Carson, she joked, "He's voting for McCain-- twice!"

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