In Doylestown as Obama speaks

Inquirer staff writer Bonnie Cook reports:

In the lobby of the Mercer Museum in Doylestown Borough, about a dozen museum staffers and others gathered around a television, watching preparation for the inauguration. Behind the TV was a large window, and on the side, people bundled in snowsuits could be seen tobogganing down a snow-covered hill. Inside, the watchers drank coffee and ate chocolate chip cookies.

Molly Lowell, 58, executive vice-president of the Bucks County Historical Society, said it was important for her as a person and as a member of the historical society to mark the occasion.

“I never thought I would see an African American president in my lifetime, and that’s why it’s so extraordinary. I voted for Hillary, I was happy to embrace Barack Obama. Although he doesn’t have the experience, he does have the ability to pull people together. I hope people’s expectations aren’t so high that they won’t give him a chance.”

As Obama’s daughters appeared on the screen with their grandmother, Mary Robinson, Lowell said, “They look happy.”

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