Hillary's Hundred mayors

Mario Cattabiani reports:

 Standing on the steps of the Capitol Rotunda, Bethlehem Mayor John B. Callahan took a poke - in jest - at his counterpart from Allenton, Ed Pawlowski, calling him “Johnny Come Lately.”

Pawlowski became the 100th mayor in Pennsylvania to publicly back Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential bid – a fact the campaign trumpeted today at a noon event at the state Capitol.

Unlike many of the other Keystone State mayors who have been behind Clinton for months, Pawlowski said he had not made up his mind in the race until yesterday after reviewing her platforms on issues such as crime.

“She is the best person to lead us into a whole new generation,” he said. “As mayors, we have taken a real beating over the course of the last eight years under the Bush administration.”

Of the 100 mayors, 19 attended the event.

From Thomas Loukota, of tiny Masontown in Fayette County to Stephen Reed, of Harrisburg, the mayors said they believed Clinton would best represent the interests of local governments in Washington.Clinton, in a statement, said she was proud of reaching the century mark.

“From small towns to big cities, these mayors work hard every day to improve the lives of the people they serve and they know they need a strong partner in Washington to help them bring affordable health care and revitalize their local economies,” she said.