Hillary out West

Live-blogging Hillary Clinton's town-hall meeting in Greensburg, PA.

2:27 p.m.

clinton is finished.

Elderly man says seniors struggle to keep their houses because of the local schools property tax burden. HRC says it would help if the federal government "kept its promise to pay for its share of special education." It's supposed to be 40 percente of the cost under 1977 law giving disabled children the right to education in public schools. CLinton says the government has never kicked in more than 17 percent of the cost, burdening local governments.

2:18 p.m.

Clinton still going, now taking audience questions, gets deep into the weeds on disability benefits under Social Security.

P1:47 p.m.

Clinton attacks "some in Washington and some in the media who want this race to be over," saying it is important to hear the voices of voters in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. "We have ten contests and millions of people to go," she said. The crowd roared and got to its feet. "You fight for me, I'll fight for you," Clinton said.

1:40 p.m.

Standing O for promising never to privatize Social Security. Clinton has been describing her plan to offer 401(k) accounts to people with no retirement provisions through their workplaces. "My plan will help millions of middle class families move from just getting by to getting ahead."

1:33 p.m.

It's time to end the war, Clinton says, because the Iraqi government is avoiding tough choices about that nation's future. She wants to "turn our attention back to our own country" to "hear the voices" of the economic wounded.

1:25 p.m.

Hillary has been thanking people for five minutes. She says she wants to have a "conversation."

1:15 p.m.

Waiting for The Candidate now in the gym at the branch campus of the University of Pittsburgh (home of the bobcats; they're smaller than the main campus' panthers, but still feline.)

Anyway, this town is an important site in the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy that Clinton famously invoked on national TV after her husband, President Bill Clinton, was caught in a dalliance with Monica.

Richard Mellon Scaife, the conservative business leader who financed much muckracking against the Clintons, took over and built up the Tribune-Review newspaper based here.