Hillary Interview

Thomas Fitzgerald reports:

12:44 p.m.

A little whle ago, Sen. Hillary Clinton gave The Inquirer a brief interview at the Bonnet Lane Family Restaurant in Abington, but not before she shook every hand in the place.

Some quick highlights:

Clinton said that she did not find "any contradiction" between her answer to a question in last Wednesday's debate that "yes," Sen. Barack Obama is electable in the fall. She and surrogates had been telling party superdelegates, who will likely decide the nomination, that he would be a disaster against McCain.

"He can be elected, I will be elected," Clinton said. "There's a difference...Look at the electoral map: I've carried states that a Democrat must have to win. Anything is possible but I am more likely" to capture the White House against McCain.

She found irony in Obama's attacks on her veracity during his whistle-stop tour Saturday, considering that as the train rolled from Wynnewood to Harrisburg he talked about changing the "slash and burn" politics he said Clinton has perfected.

"He is doing what candidates do when they get desperate at the end of an election," said Clinton, noting that the Obama campaign has launched at attack TV ad on her health care plan and is sending mailers and making robo-calls hitting her on trade and other issues.

"He's undermining his own message," she said. "This is very reminscent of the 'old' politics."

Last weekend, Clinton downed a shot of whiskey and a beer in a bar in Crown Point, Ind., a photo-op for which Obama and pundits mocked her.

She said she is not a regular whiskey drinker but takes a shot "once in a while as a treat." As to the taste, "I don't mind it." She mentioned meeting so many older people who swear that "a shot of whiskey, a glass of wine or a bottle of beer keeps them healthy." (Sen. Clinton enjoys an occasional glass of Blue Moon, a Belgian style beer, with an orange slice in it.)

As we talked, she took bites from an egg-white omelet and two small forkfuls of French toast stuffed with cream cheese and topped with bananas and strawberries.

More details and topics to come....