From Wallingford: A vote for Nader

Kathy Boccella reports

11:50 a.m.

At Strath Haven High School, where John McCain held a town hall meeting Sunday, first-time presidential voter Shira Cooks, 21, said she wasn’t impressed by the GOP candidate.

Or the Democratic candidate.

So the University of Delaware junior cast her vote for Ralph Nader.

“I didn’t like either one of them, and I don’t believe in not voting,” said Cooks, who took a course this semester on the presidential election.

She said McCain is too old, and she doesn’t like his foreign policy. Obama’s economic and foreign policies give her pause. “There’s just something about him” she doesn’t like, she said.

Cook’s mother is voting for Obama and her father for McCain, though the family tends to lean conservative.

“I just can’t do it,” said Cooks. “It’s important for me for my vote to be what I believe in.”

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