In Chester, a first time voter on her own

Kathy Boccella reports:

12:23 p.m.

In past elections Shanika Harris's mother tried to tell her how to vote. For her first presidential contest, the 21-year-old said she wanted to decide for herself.

Then watch the debates so you can make an informed choice, her mother told her.

"She thinks it's easier for young people to let other people get in their heads, even at work people are, like, 'Vote for a Republican it's better for our jobs'," she said.

But after watching the last debate -- and talking to her mother by phone through the whole thing -- Harris made up her mind to vote for Obama.

"I've got cousins and uncles in Iraq, and I want them to come home and stay home," said the nursing home worker from Chester.

McCain, she said at the Salvation Army polling place, is too much like Bush who is "sending us down the drain."

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