Fattah calls victory for Obama

Kia Gregory reports:

1:30 p.m. 

Clinton won yesterday’s Pennsylvania primary, but Chaka Fattah is also declaring victory for his candidate, Barack Obama.


“Thirty days ago, he was 30 points behind,” Fattah said this morning from D.C. “And after all the votes are counted, he’ll be only nine points down.”


Winning more than one million votes throughout the state, Fattah said, Obama improved his numbers among white voters, and captured 92 percent of the African-American vote, the highest percentage yet in the campaign. 


“There’s a lot of good to be taken,” he said. “Obama competed in Pennsylvania and closed the gap. He laid a good foundation for November.”

Fattah said Clinton deserved to win, and credited the support of Mayor Nutter and Gov. Rendell in getting out her base. But Obama still has more popular votes, he said, and has more pledged delegates.


Fattah predicted the Dems will settle on a nominee by June, before the August convention. 

And it will be Obama.


“He’s leading the race,” Fattah said. “And he’s going to keep adding to that lead.  I don’t think you can find an expert who doesn’t believe he’s going to capture the nomination.”