Facebook, CNN draw crowds to socially networked inaugural

Inquirer staff writer Carolyn Davis reports:

CNN teamed up with Facebook for an online inauguration widget, so users of the social-networking site could watch inaugural events online while having real-time chats with Facebook friends.

As of about 4 p.m., people following the inaugural events posted 600,000 status updates through the CNN.com Live Facebook feed, said a Facebook spokeswoman. An average of 4,000 status updates were posted every minute during the broadcast of President Obama’s inauguration, with 8,500 comments posted “the minute Obama began his speech,” Facebook reported.

There were some unconfirmed reports of technical problems, but the Facebook spokeswoman said there had been no difficulties.

Meanwhile, if you wanted a taste of what all Facebook users were saying, CNN.com streamed a sampling of what’s called “status updates,” next to the live video of events.

Yesterday afternoon, for example, Alvin L. Reeves Jr. said he “enjoyed viewing the Inauguration although the power went out here at Ga. State University. Congrats Mr. President!”

Diane Elgan-Towns, of Dover, Del., said she “bets Bush was so relieved to get out of there and curl up with his family at home! He was handed some bad stuff to deal with & I truly believe he did well.”

In addition, Facebook reported today that “Obama’s page on Facebook has nearly 4 million fans” and 500,000 messages from people.

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