Enthusiasm from a first-timer

Mike Vitez reports:

3:20 p.m.

First-time voter Peri Alpay, 21, is a student at Ursinus College and was thinking of voting absentee in her hometown of Howell, N.J.  But she couldn't pass up the excitement of doing it in person.

"I wanted to feel it, to push the button," Alpay said as she waited for her fiance, Larry Barr, to vote in Maple Shade.

The two planned to head to Howell after Barr cast his vote so that Alpay could join her mother at the polls in Howell.

"My mom's going to want to go into the booth with me," Alpay said. "I'll try and stop her, but I don't know if I can."

At Maple Shade High School, where Barr was voting, Democratic poll-watcher Jack Gillespy said half of the registered voters already had voted by 3 p.m. Normally, that's a good turnout for the entire day, Gillespy said.  He predicted turnout of 75 percent.

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