DC crowd's new challenge: Getting on Metro

Inquirer staff writer Zoe Tillman reports:

Now that President Obama’s swearing-in is complete, the task facing hundreds of thousands of visitors at the mall is finding an open Metro station.

Several stations around the mall will remain closed until the completion of the presidential parade, expected to be about 5 p.m.

Law-enforcement officials and organizers have been directing crowds to stations as far away as a mile from the mall.

Olivia Smith, 56, an assistant city attorney for Denver, said she and her family had been given contradictory directions and had no clue how to get to the nearest open Metro.

“They should have used Jumbotrons to display directions,” she said, referring to the large screens used to broadcast the inauguration.

Philadelphia-born William McGinnis, 41, a nurse in Alexandria, Va., had a simpler solution — use maps “and just follow the crowds.”


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