Both candidates' supporters sound off in NJ

Jan Hefler reports:

McCain Supporter Marilu Devone , 46, an accountant from Sewell Washington Township was voting for John McCain. Devone who has three children said, ”I’m concerned about foreign policy and our security, for my children.”

Frank Febbo, 51, of Washington Township, a technology consultant with two children said, “I’m for John McCain basically because of abortion, being a Catholic and being I’ve been a Republican all my life.”

 Febbo said he favors McCain for his overall policies and values. “I think both candidates are very qualified but it comes down to personal choice.

Febbo won’t be shocked if McCain loses but he said, “you never know how people will actually vote in polls.”

Mariann Fidelis, in her 40s of Sewell, a mother of three and cancer researcher says she’s voting for Obama. Its her first time voting.

“The economy is a major issue and he has a plan to address the current crisis we’re in,” she said. She favors Obama because of his stance on education and pro-choice and she said, “he has a plan instead of just saying I’m going to bring change.”

Also she said, “The thought of Sarah Palin as vice president scares the blank out of me. She’s not qualified to be president.”

David Yhlen, 48, a hospital administrator from Washington Township, is voting from Obama.

“I have concerns with the course of our foreign policy and whether we’re stuck in Iraq and have no options. I have concerns because I have teenage sons,” he said.

(Yhlen has three children).

Nicodemo Fiorentino, 24, from Washington Township, who is applying to law school, was voting for the for second time. Previously he voted for George Bush. I’m a Republican but after careful analysis between Barack Obama and John McCain, it was a tough decision but I went with Barack Obama because though he may not have experience, it’s time for change.

"Give him a chance, he has knowledgeable people behind him, the whole world wants him and he will change the way we are viewed internationally and nationally. I was unhappy with John McCain’s vice presidential pick and I didn’t like the way he ran his campaign - talking about Joe the plumber and plumber and things like that."

Democrat Joe Ostrowski, 23, Washington Township, the owner of painting company, voted for Obama because, “I just graduated from school and have a ton of student loans, Barack will help with those loans. Ostrowski said he comes from a union family of Democrats.

Tom Nace, 57, a Washington Township actuary with three children, is a Republican who was voting for the first time for a Democrat for president.

“He offers alot more solutions for the future and McCain is a continuation of what we’ve had.”

Nace considers himself an independent but always leans toward Rep side until now. “McCain didn’t offer anything different and Obama offered a breath of fresh air with how he’ll run the government.

“I don’t agree with all his plans but he has good leadership qualities.”

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