Bill Clinton in Pottstown

Larry Eichel reports...

Bill Clinton has a long day ahead of him. He's scheduled to make five stops in Pennsylvania today, winding up in State College tonight, and he was almost an hour late for his first one.

When he arrived, he was greeted by a crowd of about 1,500 -- including a lot of students -- at Pottstown Senior High School. He was accompanied by Montomgery County Commissioner Joe Hoeffel and Gov. Rendell. Introducing the former president, Rendell said that Bill and Hillary did more for Pennsylvania in the 1990s than any other presidential administration. He said that state voters should give Hillary "a resounding vote of thanks and a resounding vote of confidence" in the primary on April 22.

Bill gave a rather dry and detailed policy talk, mostly about the advantages of shifting to green, renewable energy, which is a centerpiece of his wife's presidential campaign, and about universal health care and education policy. "This is not your traditional political speech," he acknowledged.

He dismissed those who want the Clinton-Obama race to stop now, presumably with Obama declared the winner. He said the entire contest changed just before the Ohio and Texas primaries on March 4 when the press started giving Obama the kind of scrutiny it should have been giving him all along. "It all comes down to how Pennsylvania and the states that come after you vote," he said.