Anti-Obama flier being handed out

Obama flier collected in South Philadelphia on election day.

John Sullivan reports:

12:55 p.m.

Outside the Saint Barry Recreation Center at 18th and Johnston Streets in Philadelphia,, three young men handed out a flier depicting Barack Obama as an Arab on a $3 bill, under a banner that read: “The Concerned States of America.”

The flyer called him the “Prince of Platitudes,” and was ostensibly signed by Teddy Kennedy and Al Sharpton. The serial numbers on the bill said: IBD14UOK.

The men stood just 15 feet from where voters cast their ballots, but had little to say when asked what the flyer was intended to convey.

“No comment,” said one man as two others laughed.

Louis DiRenzo, the election judge at the polling place, said he was not aware people were distributing the material, although one sat on a couch in the polling place and made a cell phone call.

“They must be Republicans,” he said.


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