And the local mop up

TV critic Jonathan Storm reports:

The wide margin made it a clean job for national coverage by the cable channels, which treated us to strong, unedited speeches from both candidates that soaked up time from speculation and blather.

Then it was time for (look out) the local news to take over.

"The groups [the Obama campaign] have to work on for the summer and fall are Catholics, women, elderly and those all-important all important white, blue-collar males," said 6ABC's Monica Malpass. Just this side of fiction, the statement completely ignored the reality that the only groups Obama really has to work to lock up the nomination are small claques of super-delegates. Viewer e-mail got a segment, too: a cheap and uninformative diversion in a limited-time newscast.

CBS3 gave lots of time to Clinton, and Gov. Rendell and Mayor Nutter, and then went far away with correspondent Jim Osman stationed in Evansville, Ind., to let Obama say a thing or two, too. That's admirable news coverage. The station's Chris May gave trenchant analysis of how Clinton won, including a strong margin among gun owners, "who, remarkably, made up 40 percent of the electorate."

Oh, and by the way: *The Flyers won in overtime!!!!!*