An open letter to Gibson and Stephanopoulos

PA Primary Team reports:

There's much commentary this morning (including among our commenters) about the quality of questions in last night's Philadelphia debate. Does bringing up the Weather Undgerground really add to the discussion as we face a critical vote?

Will Bunch, one of our bloggers, takes this on in an impassioned way on his blog, Attytood, with an open letter to ABC:

You implied throughout the broadcast that you wanted to reflect the concerns of voters in Pennsylvania. Well, I'm a Pennsylvanian voter, and so are my neighbors and most of my friends and co-workers. You asked virtually nothing that reflected our everyday issues -- trying to fill our gas tanks and save for college at the same time, our crumbling bridges and inadequate mass transit, or the root causes of crime here in Philadelphia...

Instead, you wasted more than half of the debate -- a full hour -- on tabloid trivia that for the most part wasn't even that interesting, because most of it was infertile ground that has already been covered again and again and again.

What did you think?