A 'diehard Republican' soldier for Obama

Brian Ritz, 31, will be going back to Afghanistan in June. He already served one year there, and another in Egypt.

This morning while voting at a Chapel Avenue school in Cherry Hill, he acknowledged that people in the military tend to be Republican, and said, "I'm a diehard Republican." But his t-shirt, which read, "Stop bitching, start a revolution," hinted at an openness to change.

He voted for Democrat Barack Obama, the close-cropped radiology technician said. Ritz's biggest issues: a woman's right to choose and the need for more stem-cell research. He hopes the war in Iraq ends soon, but has no such hopes for Afghanistan.

"I don't think we should ever leave there," he said. He'll be at Camp Salerno near the Pakistan border, site of the most intense enemy fire in Afghanistan. "It should be a fun 18 months," he said.  

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