A day that only God could have made!

Inquirer staff writer Jeff Shields reports:

Councilman Curtis Jones Jr.’s staff gathered in the 3rd Floor City Hall office of his legislative Counsel, Shoshanna Bricklin, to watch the inauguration. The phones were quiet -- apparently the constituents of the Councilman’s 4th District were busy watching as well. It all unfolded on the Councilman’s 52-inch Sony flatscreen, bought with campaign funds, which adorns the office wall. It’s the kind of thing usually seen in emergency management centers; here it’s normally used for Powerpoint presentations.

Legislative Aide Morgan Cephas liked the fact that Obama and Chief Justice John Roberts couldn’t get the oath straight – it made the new President more human. Josh Cohen, director of legislative services, cheered the new vice-president as the most famous graduate of the University of Delaware. Cohen claimed second place for himself before realisitically settling for third behind Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco.

It was Councilman Jones, however, who put the stamp on the party, texting in from his own gathering out in the District.

His message, simply: “A day that only God could have made!”


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