A Republican in Medford for Obama

Inquirer staff writer Cynthia Burton reports:

At the Medford Senior Meeting Room, Michael Diller is a little out of step with his neighbors as he watches Obama's speech. Though a registered Republican, Diller supported Obama in a town that voted for McCain.
He says the address "was much like his campaign speeches. He's an inspiring orator."

A retired attorney, Diller said in Obama, "we have someone who's articulate. I feel he will present America's case well."
His wife, Kate Diller, a former school teacher, supported McCain. But today, she was taken with the history of the moment. She is hoping that children all over the country watched the address and thought of her own two-year old granddaughter.

"I look at what she will see in her life. The idea of a black president will not phase her at all," she said noting Obama's remark about this time being the 'period of inclusion.'"

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