A Blue Crush

Angela Couloumbis reports: Check out the latest voter registration numbers just released by Pennsylvania's Department of State.

In a single week - the week of March 24th - 42,867 new voters registered to vote. Of that, 33,281 registered Democratic.

In that same week, 45,977 people switched parties to become Democrats, bringing the total number of Ds in the state to over 4 million.

State Republicans have said that they believe they will be able to reclaim many of the GOPers out there who switched camps so they can vote in Pennsylvania's April 22 primary contest between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

And some have even suggested that Republican loyalists are heeding a call from Rush Limbaugh to temporarily register as Democrats to vote for the candidate who is least likely to beat Sen. John McCain in November.

But still, the numbers are somewhat sobering for the GOP. In the same time period - the week of March 24 - only 1,808 people switched parties to register Republican. And only 5,986 new people signed up under the GOP banner.