2 in GOP split their votes in Bryn Mawr

Life-long friends Chris Le Vine and Chris Leto, both 20, voted in their first presidential election today at the Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church on Montgomery Ave.

Both registered Republican but Leto voted for Obama, and Le Vine for McCain.

While they debated the issues, neither was disappointed they couldn't convince the other to change their vote.

"We had one pretty heated argument," said Leto a Villanova student. "It was fun to argue with your friend when you have legitimately different views."

Le Vine, a student at Franklin and Marshall came back home to vote. He liked the feeling his voice was being heard.

At the polling location, there was a heavier than usual turnout. By 5:15 p. m. they had already seen 1191 voters out of about 2700. In 2004, they closed their poll with about 1200 total voting for the day.

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