The morning after

Larry Eichel reports:


On the morning after, here are some final thoughts from Pennsylvania’s two ranking Democrats. I ran into Gov. Rendell at lunchtime yesterday and asked him for his prediction on the Clinton-Obama race. It was too late for posturing, so we expected an honest assessment from Clinton’s top Pennsylvania ally. His prediction: She’d win by 9-12 points if the turnout was uniform across the state, a little less if the turnout was higher in the Philadelphia area than elsewhere. As it happened, the turnout was high everywhere. And won by 10 points. A good politician knows how to count. Sen. Bob Casey Jr., who endorsed Obama and had a wonderful time campaigning with him, told reporters last night that Obama’s work in the state would pay dividends for him in the fall (assuming, of course, that he gets nominated). Asked whether he thought Clinton had succeeded in sowing doubts about Obama’s electability, he said that he didn’t think so. But he also expressed annoyance that Clinton had tried, saying “it’s detrimental to the process” to ask voters to decide based on electability rather than on the issues. I don’t think anyone will miss the candidates more than these two, except maybe Mayor Nutter. All of them loved being in the national spotlight.