The value of a single voice

Inquirer TV critic Jonathan Storm reports:


10 p.m.


Whether it’s Rove or Russert or CNN’s John King, the strength of a single, informed voice overpowers the shouting of partisan opionaters, whose hot air rises into the atmosphere like a helium balloon, only to pop with no impact.


Here’s MSNBC’s Chuck Todd on the delegate race, after Clinton’s Pennsylvania primary win: For Obama to lose the race for pledged delegates requires “crazy numbers that are impossible in this proportional system. If we called things like this, you’d say the pledge delegate count is over."


And here’s Tim Russert to explain why the primary campaigns are not over. Michigan and Florida may provide no delegates, but they give Clinton a chance to win in total popular vote and a rationale to continue, even though popular vote, technically, counts not a whit in the nomination process. “Obama needs to win match point. He has to win both Indiana and North Carolina in two weeks, or it’s going to keep going, at least in the heart and mind of Hillary Clinton."


So the past six weeks in Pennsylvania doesn’t amount to a row of pins.