Hillary's Plant Tour

Larry Eichel reports....



For about half an hour this morning, Sen. Clinton toured the William J. Donovan Company on West Indiana Avenue in the Hunting Park section of the Philadelphia.

The company, which employs about 40 people on site, does steel work, making equipment for HVAC system and other specialty steel products.


Before the candidate arrived, many of the workers, members of Sheet Metal Workers Local 10, were wearing bright yellow t-shirts bearing the words, “Hillary, Smart Choice.” But someone decided that wasn’t the right look for the visit. So the workers were asked to cover up their t-shirts. One guy didn’t; he said he didn’t have anything else to wear.


The tour was conducted primarily by the shop foreman, Henry Hilt. The plant was loud, and I wasn’t close enough to hear most of the conversation. But it seemed mostly to be about the work that the plant does.


The one conversation we could hear was between Hillary and Bob Fugelo, 50, a resident of King of Prussia, Pa. Working by hand, he was finishing some mirrored steel to be used by a pharmaceutical manufacturer. She admired the work and said so.


“I was very impressed,” she told us. “These are all hand-made pieces…


“I have a lot admiration for this kind of precision work. I also really admire the people who are experts in it.”


She said this is the kind of work that can’t be outsourced because it must be done close to the place where it’s to be used.


“It’s really important to see this quality of work and to know that what goes into it is a lot of experience.”


Fugelo said he was “definitely influenced” in Clinton’s favor by meeting her. He is a Republican.