The bus ride has begun

Larry Eichel reports from the road...

The Obama bus ride across Pennsylvania is finally under way. And it began with an appearance by -- I know none of you could have possibly guessed this -- The Bus.

Yes, sports fans, former Pittsburgh Steeler Jerome Bettis, whose nickname is the same as the vehicle on which we are riding, showed up to start the journey. He even gave Barack Obama a version of the Steelers' terrible towel. This one was blue with white lettering and said, "Here We Go, America, Here We Go."

The rumor was that Obama would toss a football with Bettis or stage a hand-off. But rather than risk a costly gaffe, Obama emerged from the Soldiers and Sailors Hall, where he'd been speaking, carrying a football. And he never gave it up.

Another former Steeler and current Obama supporter, Franco Harris, was also in the picture. He did not board the bus for the ride to the next stop. But Bettis did. So, the Bus is on the bus.

And now we'll stop.