When is the Wright time for Hillary?

Hillary Clinton said she finally spoke out on the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy Tuesday because she was asked a direct question by the Pittsburgh Tribune Review and simply answered it. Clinton said if her pastor had said the things Wright said, she would have left the church.

But she doesn’t always answer a direct question. The day before, I had this exchange with Clinton when she visited the Philadelphia Daily News editorial board.


In your opinion, should Rev. Wright’s controversial remarks and Sen. Obama’s relationship with him, are those relevant to his fitness to serve as President?

Clinton: I think that’s up to voters to decide. I mean voters have to draw their own conclusions about that like we do about everything we do.What do you think?
I’m going to leave that up to voters.

Could it be it was time to talk about Wright because the simmering controversy over her 1996 Bosnia landing had bubbled into the mainstream media, and she needed to change the subject? Just a thought.