1,000 at City Hall

Joelle Farrell writes:

A crowd of 1,000 gathered on Broad in front of City Hall facing JKF Boulevard. Several cars blocked traffic, so people got out of the cars and were dancing.

Brittany Jones, 18, a freshman at Temple, said the minute the election was called, she and her dorm-mates went out of the building screaming, and ran all the way down to City Hall. It took 30 minutes.

Asked what it meant to have a black president, Jones, who is half African-American and Hispanic, said: “It means that little boys can know they can be that (president) instead of aspiring to be rappers.”

Rachel Thomas, 17, also a Temple freshman was too young to vote, but she, too, went running down Broad St. “We ran all the way down here for the Phillies. We can definitely do it for Obama,” she said.

The police had positioned cruisers around City Hall to thwart stopping of private cars. As of 12:27, the crowd had begun to thin.


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