Time flies and then it stops

Just before sunset you arrive at the American Philosophical Society gallery tucked behind Independence Hall. You enter the gallery, view the exhibit, "Tempus Fugit: Time Flies" -- a beautiful study of the kinds of time we perceive: geological time, eternal, atomic. It makes you think about it, slows you down from your busy day. You are told to pick up a rock and a flower. It feels a little funereal, but you do and cross the street to the garden where you place the rock on other rocks and press the flower in a book. You sit on the grass or a chair and realize there are two lovely dancers beginning to move among the rocks placed like a river’s edges. They film each other falling, running, moving lightly. The music is soothing, sounds like it’s live but coming from another part of the garden. A bell tolls the hour. It’s over. But you don’t want to leave.

-- Merilyn Jackson

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