Who knew? Glaxo donates N.C. Wyeth painting to the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Who knew?

Apparently not most of the folks at GlaxoSmithKline.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art announced Tuesday that the drugmaker donated a painting called The Trial of the Bow by artist N.C. Wyeth that was hanging on a wall in the company's Franklin Square office for years without drawing much attention.

An Inquirer story on this by Stephan Salisbury can be found here.

Glaxo is based in London, but has operations in several spots in the Philadelphia region. Some of its ancestor companies go back decades in Philadelphia.

Wyeth made 16 in a series in 1929 for a new edition of Homer's "The Odyssey." Wyeth sold the series to a private collector in 1930, but the whereabouts of 10 of the 16 are unknown.

Glaxo realized what it had when it was taking inventory prior to its move to the Navy Yard and had the art work in the Franklin Square office appraised. The Navy Yard building is new, but has a lot of glass and few walls suitable for hanging art.