Glaxo's R&D shuffle means the end of red wine unit (Sirtris Pharmaceuticals)

 GlaxoSmithKline's announcement of reshuffling of its research and development people and facilities impacted employees at facilities in Philadelphia suburbs of Upper Merion and Upper Providence, but it also involved the closing of its red wine unit in Cambridge, Mass.

Red wine?

Sirtris Pharmaceuticals is the biotech company that Glaxo bought in 2008 for $720 million. But Glaxo said it would close that unit and move some - but not all - of the 60 employees to Upper Providence.

Sirtris researchers and folks from Harvard published a paper in Science magazine in the last week suggesting that a compound in red wine (and along with a lot of elements) could extend the life span of small laboratory organisms.

The Inquirer's Tom Avril wrote about the paper earlier this week and a link is here.

Glaxo spokeswoman Melinda Stubbee said the unit "has been a success and needs to move to the next level," and would benefit from the collected "resources and expertise" that will be available in the new mix in Upper Providence.

A link to Wednesday's Inquirer story on Philadelphia shifting is here.