GlaxoSmithKline consolidating research facilities in suburban Philly

Drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline said Tuesday that it will consolidate employees from several facilities in suburban Philadelphia, with about 1900 moving from two facilities in Upper Merion to Upper Providence during the next two to four years.

Glaxo spokeswoman Melinda Stubbee said there are no planned layoffs in this portion of the corporate consolidation. However, Glaxo will also move a unit from Cambridge, Mass., to Upper Providence but not all 60 employees in that unit will be offered jobs in the new location.

The company has two facilities, what it calls Upper Merion East and Upper Merion West, on Swedeland Road. The East facility will remain in use and have some expansion. The West facility probably will be sold, Stubbee said, with employees moving to Upper Providence.

Glaxo rents space in the Renaissance Corporate Center is on Renaissance Boulevard in Upper Merion. The ease there will not be renewed and those employees would move to Upper Providence.

Glaxo, which is based in London, also is finishing a move of about 1300 employees from offices at Franklin Plaza in Center City to a new building in the Navy Yard. The company signed a 15-year lease for the Navy Yard facility.