GlaxoSmithKline CEO Andrew Witty says personnel and facilities unharmed by storm

GlaxoSmithKline chief executive officer Andrew Witty said Wednesday morning that company personnel and facilities were not harmed when Hurricane-turned-superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast of the United States.

"We have not had any injuries, or worse, in terms of personnel and that is the most important thing," Witty said in a conference call with reporters, pegged to the release of third quarter earnings. "We've had business disruptions. But our facilities are fine. We have a new facility going up in Philadelphia, which is also fine."

Glaxo employs about 97,000 people in more than 100 countries, including about 1300 in Center City. Others work in the Pennsylvania towns of Upper Merion, Upper Providence, Conshohocken, Marietta and Pittsburgh, along with New Jersey locations of Clifton and Parsippany.

Workers in Center City, now at Logan Square, are scheduled to begin moving to a new building at the Navy Yard in late December or early in 2013.

Meanwhile, Glaxo reported lower sales revenue of 5 percent and lower profit for the third quarter, which ended Sept. 30.