Former Merck CEO and chairman Richard Clark to guide Philly Archdiocese foundation

As colleague Harold Brubaker wrote in Tuesday's Inquirer, former Merck chief executive officer and chairman Richard Clark will help the Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia try to raise more cash by guiding what the church says is an independent charitable foundation. A link to the story is here.

The church's hope is that after scandals involving priests or church officials sexually abusing children or looking the other way, disaffected Catholics might reach for their wallets more often if the charitable foundation seemed a bit more independent. That gives birth to the Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia.

Clark, who still lives in Bucks County, spent 39 years at Merck. He was CEO of the pharmaceutical giant from May 2005 through December 2010. He became chairman of the board of directors in 2007. Philly native Ken Frazier has since replaced Clark as CEO and chairman of the board.

The corporate highlight of Clark's time as CEO probably was the 2009 purchase of Schering-Plough for $41 billion. A link to the Merck biography of Clark, dated October 2011 is here.