Endo Pharmaceuticals to become Endo Health Solutions

Endo Pharmaceuticals said Thursday it plans to change its name to Endo Health Solutions, pending approval by shareholders at the annual meeting in May.

The company has acquired a couple entities in the last few years and hopes it has diversified in the right amounts among branded drugs, generics, devices and services. The therapeutic focus is pain management and urology.

Endo Pharmaceuticals makes the branded drugs, while AMS makes devices, Qualitest handles generic drugs and HealthTronics provides medical services, practice management software, laboratory solutions and electronic health records technology.

"With the right organizations in place, we have modernized our four distinct operating companies into one enterprise that reflects a powerful combination of compatible organizations aimed at delivering fully integrated healthcare solutions for the benefit of physicians, payers and patients," Dave Holveck, president and CEO of Endo said in a statement.

"We are excited to be setting a new standard for healthcare solutions delivery. Our parent company's new name, which we propose to be 'Endo Health Solutions Inc.' should help clarify our corporate identity, making it clear to people how to refer to our operating companies and how to refer to the parent company."