Philly photog Chris Sembrot snaps pet owners smooching their pooches

A photo from Chris Sembrot's 'For the Love of Dog' series. (Photo via

Even if you’re a dog person, you still might pull away from your pooch when they trot up to you with some sloppy kisses love in mind. Philly photographer Chris Sembrot’s newest series, though, urges you to reconsider recoiling. After all, it’s just slobber, people.

Sembrot’s series, dubbed “For the Love of Dog,” as you may have guessed, centers on snapping the moment dog owners lock lips with their poochy counterparts. As any dog owner can tell you, getting slobbered by your pet is not entirely unheard of, especially if you just wrapped up a meal. And, you know, that’s fine. But these photos—well, there’s a little more than just a simple peck going on.

A little weird at times, yes, but still, Sembrot’s work is there to remind us that acts of affection like these increase oxytocin levels in our bodies, thereby making us happier and healthier. Which, of course, is noble and true to a degree, but let’s not forget that canine saliva often harbors bacteria contributing to health problems like gum disease. 

Still, though, it doesn’t seem smart to shrug off the affection of your best friend for some un-inflamed gums. Or, at least not for these dog owners: