Pet of the Week: Ozzy

Ozzy is a playful one-year-old German Shepherd with dwarfism.

Ozzy is a one-year-old male German Shepherd with disproportionate dwarfism.

This means that similar to human dwarfism his head and torso are considered "normal size", consistent with his breed, while the "long bones" in his legs are shortened. As a result of this congenital disorder Ozzy is better off being on a lean diet in order to keep his joints as healthy as possible, preventing undo stress from holding too much weight.

Since he is so long, he is at a greater risk for disc issues as would be seen in breeds like Dachshunds. Carpeting and softer ground, as in a grassy yard, along with one level of living space would be ideal.

Ozzy is very playful and loves playing with other dogs and loves to play a game of ball fetch. He is so happy to spend time with volunteers who wheel him to the park in a wagon, so he has more time to run in the grass. Ozzy is young and vibrant and based on his current health, along with physical therapy, there is no reason he won't live a good long, if somewhat limited, life.



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