Mid-Atlantic Veterinary Specialists’ ‘chemotherapy graduations’ celebrate wellness for cancer-free pets

Cancer is the leading cause of disease-related pet deaths, claiming millions of animal lives per year. So, it makes sense to celebrate once your dog or cat overcomes the disease with which they’ve been saddled. 

Mid-Atlantic Veterinary Specialists in Malvern is doing just that with their “chemotherapy graduations,” which celebrate the good life to come for recently cancer-free pets. Started by Medical Oncologist Dr. MJ Hamilton, MAVS’ chemotherapy graduations serve as a send-off for their furry patients following all-inclusive cancer treatment.

Mardigras beads, party hats, and goodie bags are included as part of the story, because no party is complete without the proper accoutrements. Surprisingly, those accoutrements are very similar to what’s required for a human celebration. 

A new facility, MAVS treats its cancer patients through all stages of the disease, from diagnosis to treatment and recovery. The graduation ceremonies, though, are a surprise, with staff meeting pet owners in the facility’s waiting room to celebrate their pets’ lives up until this point.

Because, really, getting better is only roughly half the battle. The other part is feeling good about getting better, a fact to which any survivor can attest. Human hospitals, take note.