Dachshund ties up Newark Airport after escaping from Lufthansa flight

In what likely can only be described as a scene from the inevitable Homeward Bound remake, a wily little dachshund escaped from a flight at Newark Airport Wednesday and wreaked adorable havoc all over the runway. Perhaps the TSA is watching the wrong species. 

Canine Henry ditched a Lufthansa flight as it was being unloaded yesterday around 7:20 p.m., taking to the tarmac for an hour’s worth of giving full-grown human beings the runaround before his eventual apprehension. Port Authority Police cornered the pup by an airfield fence, but were unable to get him into custody.

Naturally, this is where the owner comes in. Officials removed Henry’s owner from Lufthansa flight 412 and brought her to the tarmac where they found her dog. From there, little Henry leapt into her arms and cowered, apparently ready for his misadventure to end.

With that, the adorable tale of how Henry the Dachshund embarrassed an entire airport came to a close. The story will, however, live on in our hearts.

Run free, Henry. Run free.

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