Buffalo Exchange’s ‘Coats for Cubs’ program now accepting used fur coats to help rehabilitating animals

If you’ve got an old fur lying around the house, consider packing up that 20th century relic of animal cruelty and donating it to a good cause.  No, it won’t be going to some trophy wife—the animals need it more.

Buffalo Exchange on 17th and Chestnut has returned with its “Coats for Cubs” charity program, which takes used fur donations to benefit wildlife animals in rehabilitation by providing them proper bedding. Buffalo Exchange stores have been running the program since 2006, and in that time have collected more than 8,000 used furs to donate to animal rehabilitation centers.

Donations are up through Earth Day on April 22.

“So essentially,” says 17th and Chestnut manager Mike Shaffer in a recent interview with CBS, “it’s about giving furs back to the animals.”

It sounds strange put that way, but, adds Shaffer, animal rehabilitation experts from around the use say that furs supply a more natural relaxation environmant than blankets and towels. Ordinarily, the furs are chopped into patches, so one coat can provide bedding for a number of animals.

Touching, but the big takeaway is this: people are still buying furs. Some trends regrettably just never die.