Irish Terrier regains eyesight and sees family for first time

Duffy the Irish Terrier has had a rough couple of months. The 8-year old dog struggled with his health and developed diabetes. The disease caused him to lose his eyesight, and the pup spent months unable to see.

But recently Duffy’s diabetes stabilized and veterinarians were able to perform surgery to give him back his sight.

A viral video, uploaded by Duffy’s pet parent Benjamin May, shows the overjoyed dog seeing his family for the first time following his surgery. The result is incredibly touching and demonstrates just how much dogs love and recognize their human companions.

When Duffy walks through the door, he immediately squeals with delight when his family greets him. He seems so happy to recognize familiar, friendly faces and spends the first few minutes walking back and forth excitedly between his family members.

Get out the tissues before you watch this one - you might just cry some happy tears.

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