Lost Wedding Ring Stuck in Dog's Stomach for Five Years

Tucker, like most dogs, enjoys eating things. The mixed-breed dog who lives with Lois Matykowski in Stevens Point, Wis., has earned the nickname of the food burglar.

So Matykowski wasn’t very surprised when Tucker ate her granddaughter’s Popsicle - stick and all - while the family was sitting on the front porch. That day, the dog threw up the Popsicle (and the stick). But when the dog upchucked a few days later, the real surprise came up.

According to CBS 6 News, when Matykowski was cleaning up the mess from her carpet, she discovered her missing wedding ring. The diamond had been stuck in the dog’s stomach for five years.

Veterinarians that observed Tucker after the ring came out believe that when the dog swallowed the popsicle stick, the stick dislodged the ring. Tucker had x-rays to make sure that the ring didn’t cause any internal damage.

Matykowski, who was devastated when the ring went missing, told reporters that she is extremely happy to be wearing the valuable piece of jewelry again.

Tucker has moved on from the ordeal and is back to his regular life as a dog. But maybe he deserves a new nickname - jewelry thief.

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