Good Samaritan Rescues Puppy Thrown from Car, Tracks Down Abuser

Brittany Gartin was driving in West Virginia, just minding her own business, when she witnessed a brazen attack of animal cruelty. She saw someone throw a small puppy out the passenger side window of a Jeep, and immediately rushed into action.

Gartin quickly picked up the puppy, secured him in a box in her car, and followed after the Jeep. She tracked the abuser down, snapped a photo of the car’s license plate number, and posted the photo on Facebook.

Then according to WOWK 13 News, Gartin drove the dog to a Madison Animal Hospital for observation. Amazingly, the puppy was uninjured and the Boone Animal Rescue Coalition (B.A.R.C.) has stepped in to foster the adorable pooch, who they named Roady.

Gartin did report the incident to police, and troopers tracked down the license plate information to a rented vehicle. But police say that they have a good idea of who the suspect is and expect an arrest to be made in the case soon. Once arrested, the suspect will face at least one felony animal cruelty charge.

Roady does have several people interested in adopting him, though B.A.R.C. is expected to hold on to him for a little while longer for observation.

We hope that the person that threw this defenseless dog out the window pays for such a horrendous crime. And we’d like to give major kudos to Brittany Gartin, whose heroic actions saved this adorable dog.

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