Dog That Walked to the World Cup Reunited With Owner

While teams participating in the World Cup are hoping for victories, one lucky Labrador has already won after being reunited with his owner after a spectacular journey across the country.

In March, three English soccer fans - Adam Burns, David Bewick and Pete Johnson - set out on a 1200-mile walk through Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil to end at Porto Alegre just before the kick off of the World Cup tournament. The goal of the three-month walk was to raise money to benefit those suffering from drought in Bahia, a state located in the northeastern part of the country.

Halfway to their destination, the three men were surprised to find a Black Labrador, who they believed to be a stray. The dog stuck with the men for several miles before they set up camp for the night. But when they woke up in the morning, the dog was still with them and made the nearly 500-mile trek to Porto Alegre with the group.

Despite the pup’s stinky odor, the three walkers bonded with the dog along the trip. They named him Jefferson Ramsey Moore and posted updates about the dog on their social media accounts and the website where they were documenting their journey.

The dog caught the interest of media outlets, and he was featured on blogs and local news channels. One of those news reports caught the attention of Nacho, the dog’s owner. He contacted the men and hitchhiked from Uruguay to Porto Alegre to be reunited with his lost Labrador.

Jefferson’s real name is actually Negro, and the touching reunion between Nacho and Negro was caught on camera.

It’s an amazing story leading up to one of the world’s most anticipated sporting events. And as Burns told Public Radio International reporter Bradley Campbell, “We don’t think Walt Disney could have made a more perfect ending.”

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