TV for the Ultimate Cat (or Dog) Lover

Sid Kirchheimer

Updated: Wednesday, May 14, 2014, 1:29 PM

No longer do you need to merely dream of cats 24/7. Now you can stream them 24/7, thanks to’s aptly named channel.

Cats 24/7 just launched and you can guess the programming lineup: Every hour is full of felines, from documentaries to cartoons to YouTube mirthfests. Shows include “Scaredy Cats,” Cats Gone Viral,” “Famous Felines,” “Kitten Zone” and “Putting Up with Humans.” (Still think there's "nothing on TV"?)

And it’s all free.

Never heard of You’re not alone: The television streaming service launched at the end of March - apparently, with equal opportunity in mind. A similar canine-centric lineup, Dogs 24/7, is just one channel below, at number 407.

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Sid Kirchheimer

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